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Guess what? Epic length (30 to 60 minutes…) TK Talks are coming soon. I call them TK Chats. This is going to be more like a good old fashioned full length podcast, with awesome guests and everything.

Get to know me

My name is TK. I am the creator and host of TK Talks, a daily morning talk to make your day better via Amazon Alexa and iTunes. I love shiny new gadgets and stuff like that, so I review cool new stuff on my my YouTube channel “TK Tries It.” I’m also the ‘Rebel in Charge’ at Society Rebel; an online storytelling platform where people tell their story. Plus, I love to consult with non-profits, helping them grow and flourish.

People I think are awesome: Dr. King, Drake, Daft Punk, Ellie Goulding, Susan Kare, iJustine, MKBHD, Jonathon Ive, Lewis Hilsenteger, Elon Musk