The world is a mess right now. Last night at-least five officers and several civilians were killed in Dallas as the war between law enforcement and the people continue. Twitter and Facebook are lit up with hundreds of thousands of opinions and comments on the matter of Alton Sterling. Humanity is responding emotionally to its wounds like a toe that has been unexpectedly stubbed on the leg of a coffee table. We are all hurt. We are all confused. We are all angry. These are the things that unify humanity as a single people today despite heated racial tension and tension between the U.S. government and her people. So as we do our best to heal from the atrocities of humankind waging war with itself, and as our emotions subside, I can only hope that we look for answers in the hope of unity and careful understanding of our own differences.

Shakespeare comes to mind. Hamlet most specifically.

What have you, my good friends, deserv’d at the hands of
Fortune, that she sends you to prison hither?

Prison, my lord?

Denmark’s a prison.

Then is the world one.

A goodly one, in which there are many confines, wards, and
dungeons, Denmark being one o’ th’ worst.

We think not so, my lord.

Why then ’tis none to you; for there is nothing either good or
bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison.

Regardless of where your emotions put you today, understand that this horrendous situation isn’t going to be solved by choosing sides. It will be solved by taking a deeply compassionate look at all sides, and learning to accept each of them for their best merits. In the midst of private agenda, there can be no unity. However, when unity is the focus, no agenda can overwhelm the hope that it brings to our world.

There is nothing either bad or good, but thinking makes it so. Let’s be unified in our search for answers by rejecting the notion of villains and opening our hearts to the merits and beliefs of every party. It is in that mutual inclusion that we will find unity, and it is in that mutual inclusion that we may find peace.