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“Never regret opening a door for someone else.”

- TK

The fastest route to pay raises, respect, & results in your 1st year on the job. In this total coaching program TK will show you how to position yourself to get recognized, earn more, and move up the ladder at work. Five audio sessions, a field guide, and lifetime membership to Society Core make Rank Up the best and fastest way to make your career explode. The average person spends at least 2200 hours at work every year; that’s 25 percent of your life. Don’t waste 1/4 your life dragging your feet. Be more successful than your high school friends. Rank Up and super charge your career today.

Some will wait a lifetime to share their memoirs and their collective wisdom with the world. Unfortunately, those seeking wisdom from the experienced don’t always have a lifetime to wait. That’s why TK is sharing everything he has learned with the world right now. ‘everything i did’ is a compilation of experiences and the wisdom gained by learning about life the hard way from TK and T.K. Dennis Society mentors. This FREE resource is designed for anyone who wants a distinct advantage at their job, a leg up in school, more successful personal relationships, and a life filled with joy.

I love your stuff! Thank you so much for making my timeline inspirational every day. :-)

Jessica from Twitter

Davene Teeter

“In today’s society it can be so hard to break past the norm. We are constantly surrounded by ads and materials that tell us who we should be, how we should act, and what we should think. In a sea of constant negative reinforcement, it can be hard to find material that brings life. Plus, in today’s education system you are not taught how to deal with the complications that life throws at you like how to manage money, eat healthy, or how to actively pursue your dreams. The T.K Dennis society does just that. Not only is it so incredibly informative, but you will learn how to be challenged in a relatable way. If you are looking to have a life full of peace, prosperity, blossoming relationships, and a healthy mind & body, the T.K Dennis Society is highly recommended.”



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Bre Bush

“What makes the T.K. Dennis Society special are the collective experiences and wisdom that come from its mentors and contributors. What makes it valuable is the fact that they are willing to share these experiences, to share their ups, downs, successes, failures, and lessons learned with the world. Together, these two things make the T.K. Dennis Society one of a kind.”

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Cristina Fernández

“What’s special about the T.K. Dennis Society is that it is an awesome group of people that help you and understand you like a big and loving family through all the ups and downs in your life. Even though we are not physically together, you know you have good friends in the society.”

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Ellie Parvin

“In addition to bringing a variety of strong mentors to provide valuable information across the spectrum for viewers, their team is continuously developing new, cutting-edge tools and resources for customers! Such as programs like Rank Up and valued resources like www.everythingidid.com. TK and his team are always working on something to improve the lives of others and it’s exhilarating to part of the process!”

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