Get raises, respect, and results faster than everyone else in your first year at work.

Do you want to make a massively good impression in your first year at your new job? Do you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels at your job for years? Are you spending every spare moment at work thinking about getting a new job because you feel like you’ve hit a dead end with your career? You need to get ranked up!

What do you want your career and income to look like? Do you really, seriously, want to be the boss someday? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to become the employee that is always first in line for promotions and raises?

  • Are you tired of everyone around you getting all the right attention and praise from managers and executives?

  • Is your job draining the life out of you because you feel unappreciated?

  • Do you want to make your career a platform of influence for the future endeavors life may present you?

Average people are only average because they’re doing what everyone else is doing. We’re all instinctively unique and special people with talents to be recognized by our co-workers, friends, managers, and company executives. The problem we have is this; we need help to uncover and unlock the treasure chest full of potential that is built into every person. If we didn’t need help, we would have already done it on our own!

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In Your First Year Using Rank Up You Will:

  • Learn important behaviors that executives and managers are looking for in employees.

  • Discover personality traits that give you a boost of respect from co-workers and friends at work.

  • Get personalized feedback from T.K. and other Mentors about your specific situation.

  • Overcome depressing feelings of inadequacy and gain the confidence to reinvent your professional self.

  • Identify realistic goals for yourself at work that help move you to new levels of respect.

  • Create a powerful leadership platform for yourself at work that will be a huge benefit to you as a manager or executive.

  • Position yourself to be recognized by your boss at work as someone who deserves a pay raise.

Be a part of world class coaching, with a real mentor, from anywhere in the world!

Receive five audio coaching sessions designed to kickstart your understanding of the professional world as taught by T.K. Dennis, a seasoned executive leader.

With your downloadable audio coaching sessions, you’ll also get the Rank Up Field Guide so you have a visual summary of our biggest tips to keep with you on the go.

Take a Long Hard Look at Your Career Right Now

If you kept doing what you’re doing right now, does your 5-10 year older self look the way you want to look? Will you wish you had been brave enough to:

  • Finally gain the respect you know you deserve at work

  • Feel as if your relationships at work are encouraging and fulfilling

  • Take the the right steps to be in management or executive leadership

  • Be yourself, but use your unique identity to be effective and achieve great results on your projects at work

In all seriousness, do you feel as if the person you will be in 10 years will look back and be proud of who you are today? Is everything going well, or do you need to make some changes to achieve your career goals?

Five audio sessions that teach perspective, personality, behavior, thinking big, and reputation.

Session 1: Perspective

This may be mind blowing, but we all do what we want at the end of the day. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do. We’re going to prove it in the first Rank Up audio coaching session. We’re also going to take a look at how doing what’s uncomfortable can lead to respect.

Session 2: Personality

Did you know that what you look like at work really matters? Surprise! It does. It’s deeper than that though. Your personality is a critical element of being successful at work.

Session 3: Behavior

There are some simple things you can do to completely change the way you are perceived at work. These simple concepts are easy in theory, but most people don’t act on them. Three simple behaviors can completely supercharge the level of respect your boss has for you and the work you do.

Session 4: Thinking Big

Impressing your boss is important, but in session four you’re going to learn what it takes to impress executive leadership with the work you do and the personality you have. TK wants to show you the kind of employee executives are looking to promote and raise up in the company based on his own lifetime experience around and in executive leadership.

Session 5: Reputation

You are only as good as the crowd you run with. This is true in all aspects of life, especially at work. The question for most people is: How do I break out of a bad reputation or a bad crowd at work? It takes work, but it’s easier than you might think. TK is going to show you how to do this based on his own life experiences.

How Would a Raise or Promotion Change Your Life?

  • More money to support your family

  • Resources to support your kid’s education

  • Strong business relationships

  • More control of your schedule

  • Joy in doing more of what you love

  • An impressive resume, making future employment easy

Yes, You Can Turn Your Entire Career Around!

Let’s face the music here. The best opportunity you have for a mentor at work is a co-worker or direct manager. A company executive isn’t going to take the ten floor elevator trip, walk by your desk, point at you and say “Come with me, I’m going to teach you how to do everything I do.” Think “Pursuit of Happiness.” It takes hard work to be recognized.

When I was homeless, I knew I had to do everything differently. I couldn’t do what everyone else was doing, because I needed results fast. I couldn’t leave promotions, raises, and results up to chance. I made thousands of mistakes getting to where I am today. I used to think if I hadn’t made those mistakes, life would be much easier today. This is undoubtedly true. There’s good news though. I can help you avoid making the same mistakes I did so you can be successful ten times faster than I did.

Turning your life around takes work, and your career can be especially difficult since it involves so many other people and variables. Don’t go through this alone. I’m here to help.

- TK Dennis

The Internet is the New Ivy League

Thousands and thousands of people spend between $20,000 and $100,000 each year on good old fashioned college. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but college doesn’t teach you everything you need to know. A college education alone will not guarantee success. You need some college insurance, and Rank Up fits the bill.

Investing in personal development is immensely more valuable than college, and it delivers much more bang for your buck. You will gain more wisdom, implement more strategies, and see better results than you would from a traditional college education.

The best way to be something, is to spend time with someone who has already been that thing. Sometimes we get that experience in college for a semester or so, sometimes we don’t. Rank Up is an opportunity to consistently grow your career by being mentored in a much more personal way than college could offer.

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Invest Once and Get Results For Life!

Ever spent over $77 on a cell phone? If we spent less money on toys and entertainment and more money on developing our career we’d have exponentially more money to buy all the toys we want! We would literally have developed a perfect plan for success by now.

The job market is more competitive than ever before. Expenses are higher than ever, and pay isn’t going up fast enough. You need a competitive edge to excel beyond everyone else at work. How much is the competitive edge worth to you? How about 21 cents per day? That’s how much Rank Up will cost you.

The statistics matter.

  • People who feel STUCK at their job. 52%
  • People over 30 with a self sustaining lifestyle. 73%
  • People under 30 with a self sustaining lifestyle. 27%
  • People who were pleased with their career growth last year. 21%
  • People who have a career mentor who were pleased with their career growth last year. 97%

How Does This Work?

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– Get immediate access to the Rank Up audio coaching sessions and field guide.

Who this is for:

- People who believe hard work is the only road to success
– People who are capable of staying positive and pushing through challenges
– People who need that “extra push” to get their career in gear
– People who want to copy what coaches like TK have done and apply it to their own life

Who this is NOT for:

- People who are lazy and avoid hard work.
– People who find every excuse to not succeed
– People who already have it all figured out
– People who aren’t dedicated and expect instant results

Questions? Just ask!

People are talking.

TK is basically the Steve Jobs of life. His unique perspective has a way of making the answers we already have make more sense to us. Rank Up is actually working out really well. You can’t really beat the price either; I’ve spent more on video games in a single day.

Chris Sutton

He got Ranked Up!

Right from the beginning, the society was an idea that made sense to me. It’s fun to actually have personal interactions with successful people and learn from their wisdom. The big thing Rank Up did for me was cause me to think about things that I didn’t even realize were important. It really helps.

Adi David

She got Ranked Up!

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Let’s get real here. Nothing is guaranteed. A plane could fall on TK’s house tomorrow. We believe hard work, generosity, and focus can change your life. Get rich quick schemes are fake. Always. There’s no exception to the rule. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a legitimate strategy that will deliver results based on what you put into it. We can’t legally guarantee your ability to get results, get raises, or even earn respect at work.

We do not offer any legal, medical, or professional advice. Any information here is estimated and projected, but should not be considered exact.

– T.K. Dennis Society LLC